Daily lunch except week-ends: dish of the day for 9,80 €  or menu of the day for 12,80 €

Menu for 26,90€

Homemade Terrine and Crudité
Game Stew with homemade Spätzle (Alsatian speciality: egg pasta)
Iced Biscuit Cake

Menu for 34,90€

Homemade smoked Salmon with Toast and Butter
Leg of Lamb best part – « like from Granny’s Kitchen »
Soup Of Red FruitS With Vanilla Ice Cream

Vegetarian Menu for 23,80€

Vegetable Soup or Crudité
Fresh Fish of the daily catch or Goat Cheese in a Bed of Lettuce

Homemade Pastry

Menu for 37,50€

Crazy Salad (Breast of Duck and smoked Salmon)
Steack With Green pepper
Choice of Desser

Children’s menu 10,50€

« Emincé de Volaille » thin Strips of poultry in a Sauce – Pommes frites
Dessert of Surprise

Our starters

Soup of the day 4,00€
Rich Assortment of Starters : Hors d’œuvre for 2 persons
(only for dinner or for lunch after reservation)
Variety of Crudité 7,20€
Terrine maison Crudité 10,90€
Homemade Foie Gras from Duck Liver with Toast 17,50€
Vol-au-Vent with Chicken and Mushrooms 13,20€
Escargots à la maison ½ dozen 8,10€ one dozen 16,20€
Homemade and smoked Ham from Young Wild Boar or Venison
(depending on season)
Traditional homemade smoked Salmon with Toast 15,20€

Our meat-dishes

Fillet of Beef à la nature  23,50€
Fillet of Beef with Girolles  24,90€
Fillet of Beef « Maître d’Hôtel »  24,50€
Fillet of Beef with Sauce Bordelaise  24,50€
Escalope of Veal à la Vaudoise (Cordon Bleu – stuffed with Ham and Cheese)  18,20€
Escalope of Veal with Girolles  18,90€
Kidneys of Veal in Armagnac Sauce  17,90€
Game Stew with homemade Spätzle  16,90€
Brawn in Oil and Vinegar Dressing  17,50€
Leg of Lamb best part – « like from Granny’s Kitchen »  18,90€

Our meat dishes are served with vegetables delivered by Jardin de Marthe.

Our fish

Nuts of Scallop pan fried in Olive Oil 23,50€
Scallops boiled in their own Stock with fine Garden Vegetables 24,50€
Fillet of Pike Perch with Cress Cream 19,20€
Panful Prawn Tails à la Provençale 18,90€
Fresh Frogs’legs, Sauce Poulette (light mushroom sauce flavoured with lemon) or Sauce Provençale 27,50€

Our fishes are freshly caught. According to the market offers some kinds of fish might not be available.

During the Summer Season

Poached Trout with melted Butter 15,80€
Trout à la Meunière (turned in flour and fried) 15,80€
Trout à la Grenobloise
(fried in butter, garnished with chopped parsley, capers and lemon slices and poured with brown butter)
Fried Trout with Almonds 16,90€

Our tariffs include services and taxes.

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